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Top Bow

Here’s what you need to know about Top Bow 2017

Often, simple is better, and that’s the case with Buckmasters’ 2017 Top Bow Indoor World Championship. Gone are the qualifiers, making room for a straight four-day tournament that guarantees every shooter at least three full rounds of competition.

Once again, the event takes place in conjunction with the Buckmasters Expo in Montgomery, Ala., August 18, 19 and 20.

“Big” Mike Foster, Top Bow official and rangemaster for the event, said “we always look for ways to make the Top Bow competition better, and holding it over one weekend just makes sense for a simpler format. This should make it much easier for spectators and family members to follow, too. Whatever place you’re in, that’s where you are, and there’s no comparing it to another pool.”

The Buckmasters Top Bow World Championship is one of the highest paying single events in competitive archery. It is designed to simulate whitetail hunting, and shooters must hit the vitals (and the Buckmasters impact-sensitive pad) on 3-D deer targets to score a hit.

Shooters never know where or when a possible target will pop up, and only bucks count for points. The field is limited to the first 70 shooters who sign up.

“This is their Daytona 500,” Foster said of the competitors. “The Top Bow Championship is the most pressure-packed event in shooting—a four-day competition that leads to the big finish on Sunday.

“It’s great entertainment for the audience, as well. They get to see some of the best archers in the world, and the finals are pretty exciting with all the lights and music.”

Entry fee for competitors is $450. Spectators are admitted free once inside the Buckmasters Expo.

The Road to the Buckmasters Top Bow Indoor World Championship

  • Round 1 (all shooters)
  • Round 2 (all shooters)
  • Round 3 (all shooters)
  • Round 4 (24 shooters)
  • * Field Cut to 24
  • Round 5 (24 shooters)
  • Round 6 (24 shooters)
  • * Field Cut to 12
  • Round 7 (12 shooters)
  • * Field Cut to 8; Shooting Switches To Head-To-Head Format
  • Round 8 (8 shooters)
  • * Field Cut to 4
  • Semi-Finals
  • Finals

Buckmasters Top Bow Prizes:

Sponsor-donated prizes (if any) will be awarded to the top finishers down to 12th place. The prizes will be ranked by the retail value of each item. Prize money will be awarded to the top 12 finishers and calculated based on a full draw. In the event that we do not have a full draw, cash and prizes will be awarded to the top 12 finishers or 1/2 of the draw, whichever comes first. Total prize money will be reduced proportionately with the reduction in the draw. The Dan C. Bussey High Score Award will be given for the highest cumulative score and will start with Round 1.

Additional Information:

General Expo Information:

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Copyright 2017 by Buckmasters, Ltd.

Copyright 2017 by Buckmasters, Ltd