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DIY PVC Paper Tuners

DIY PVC Paper Tuners

By Jack Baker

A lot of us have access to large desktop calendars like the 17 X 22 versions used in many offices. I collect the old ones from our office to use for paper tuning my bow, and I’ve also found other uses for them as a hunter.

I always paper tune my bow to achieve the best possible arrow flight, which gives my arrows maximum penetration on deer, as well as optimum broadhead flight.

I use PVC pipe to build an H-frame paper holder, using T-joints and L-joints as the paper tuner’s base. The options are hard to describe, so go to Google and type “pvc paper tuner” then click “images” to see what I’m talking about. There are dozens of paper tuner designs to choose from.

To make my paper tuner easily portable, I do not glue in the foot portions of the PVC pipes. This makes it easy to take apart.

When paper tuning, always make sure you have a good backstop like a large bag target. It should be at least 3 feet away for proper arrow clearance.

This is an easy great project you can do with your children, who I’m sure will be happy to spray paint it for fun.

If I have extra PVC left, I make bow holders, which is another easy project.

Incidentally, desktop calendar paper also makes great floor mats for muddy boots, and big targets for zeroing rifles or patterning shotguns.

You should be able to get outdated calendars from local businesses or schools.

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