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July: Time to Set Stands

July: Time to Set Stands

By Bob Humphrey and Yamaha Outdoors

It’s July during some of the longest and hottest days of the year. Deer season, in most cases, is still months away. What better time to set your stands? It might sound a bit crazy, but right now is actually a great time to get some of your larger treestands in for the coming season.

First and most importantly, whatever disturbance you cause will be long forgotten by the time hunting season rolls around. We all know how keen the whitetail’s sense of smell is. At the slightest hint of human odor they’ll vacate the area immediately and might not return for hours, days or even weeks. If you wait until a week or two before the season, it could be too late.

By going now, you don’t need to be as concerned about how much you disturb the area. That can make the job considerably easier if you have a lot of equipment to haul in or have a long way to haul it. I can bring my small lock-on stands later and my climber when I hunt. But I try to install my ladder stands at this time of year, especially my two-man ladders.

There’s more than one reason they’re called two-man stands. In addition to being able to support two people, it takes that many to carry them in and erect them, unless you have some equipment. That’s where the Yamaha Rhino comes in. I can break my stands into sections, strap them on the Rhino and haul them way back into areas no foot-bound hunter would ever consider bringing a large stand or blind.

Load the gas, oil, chain saw and other tools into the Rhino and head for the hills. Bring a cooler with lunch and some cold drinks and you can stay all day, get more work done and potentially only have to make one trip. It might bother the deer initially, but they’ll return eventually, particularly if the area has the right food and cover.

Setting stands early pretty much requires that you already have a destination in mind. That means going back over your notes from last year, assuming you kept notes, or trying to recall where you saw the hottest sign or the most deer. Remember where you saw that big buck last year? It was too late to haul a big stand in during hunting season without blowing everything out. But get it in now and you could be sitting on a deer hunting gold mine come opening day.

Editor’s Note: For more tips from our partners at Yamaha, visit their website.

Ten Treestand Tips
Before each season, take a few minutes to check the integrity of your straps. Even if the strap looks to be in good working order, they should be replaced every year, especially if the stand is left in the elements for long periods.

Yarn Wind Indicator
Several years ago, I started using my wife's yarn to help me keep tabs on wind direction while I'm hunting. It's one of the easiest and cheapest ways to do so.

Homemade Waterhole/Salt Lick
A waterhole with a nearby salt lick can be one of the most productive areas to place trail cameras during the dry times of year. They are also great places to hunt, particularly during drought conditions, and in the early season, as well.

Back in Black
Black clothing can stand out nearly as much as white in the forest during daylight, but there is a place for black in the hunting world. I first learned the downside of wearing black in 2005, while bowhunting in Illinois. I'd accidentally forgotte...

Creating Your Own Funnels
Besides using calls, scents, baits and deer attractants, there are a few cheap and easy things you can do to persuade deer to travel exactly where you want them to end up.

Don't Overlook the TRUE Tenderloins
Hunters new to the sport, and even some of us old-timers, might not be aware that the absolute best piece of venison is the tenderloin, not the backstrap. There seems to be a widespread misconception about the two.

Keep Year Round Firearm Data
We all look forward to deer season throughout the year, yet generally don't spend near the time on the range that we should. Some hunters prepare by sighting-in rifles shortly before the season begins. I've even heard of guys doing this the night ...

Pipe Insulation = Extra Rail Padding
Most fixed-position ladder stands and climbing stands come equipped from the factory with a metal shooting rail. This metal rail, in most cases, is covered with a Velcro-on type of padding that is covered by cloth.

Never, Ever Give Up!
Something my father instilled in me as a young hunter is to stay alert from the time I leave the truck until the moment I unload my rifle and get back in the truck to go home.

Duct Tape - An Old Army Tip
I learned a lot about how to stay quiet while I was in the Army. In the field, we constantly refined our equipment in ways that allowed us to move silently, without giving away our position to the enemy.
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