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Gator Tail Jambalaya
– By Tim H. Martin

Gator Tail Jambalaya

A few years ago, my youngest brother, Darryl Martin, drew a gator tag and took an 8 1⁄2-footer in South Georgia. He was looking for ways to cook the big lizard, so he gave me several bags of gator tail to try in various recipes. Jambalaya was my first thought.

What better time to test gator tail jambalaya on unsuspecting family members than the day after Thanksgiving? Everyone at the Martin gathering would be burned out on turkey and dressing, and would enjoy something with a kick.

As the sun set on Turkey Day, I spent the evening trimming away fishy fat from the gator tail and plotting my recipe in secret.

Knowing gator tail is chewier than chicken, I soaked the beautiful white chunks in a bowl of buttermilk overnight in the fridge to tenderize and flavor them, then substituted it in the jambalaya for chicken without notifying my kin... Click Here For Entire Story and Recipe!


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