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Beef or Venison Tips & Rice with Wine Gravy
- Recipe Courtesy of Chef Paula George

Beef or Venison Tips & Rice with Wine Gravy

I I first met Chef Paula George, in all places, on an Auburn University football message board.

When the Tigers are between seasons, board members often share recipes in the Tiger Café, a forum for AU tailgaters and all food lovers. It didn’t take long to see Paula’s incredible country-style comfort food recipes were vastly superior to Little Smokies and BBQ sauce in a Crock-Pot. 

When she posted this beef tips and wine gravy recipe, I immediately knew it was a winner, and my family soon fell in love with the delicately cooked beef in a savory sauce served over rice. It’s my go-to Sunday night meal because I can start it right before or shortly after church and it will be ready for supper.

As the other Auburn board members began to notice Paula’s recipes, it came as no shock when she revealed she’s a longtime professional chef, and is currently cooking with River Bottom Grille by Stanfield’s in Florence, Ala...Click Here For Entire Story and Recipe!


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