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Iowa offers extra season
Last Post 22 Dec 2007 06:43 PM by Urimaginaryfrnd. 1 Replies.
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15 Dec 2007 07:42 PM  
DNR has agreed to allow an additional season.

See the link below.
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22 Dec 2007 06:43 PM  
I sent DNR the following:

Dear Friends at DNR,

I think that the idea of allowing unused deer gun season tags is a good idea however I have a great concern that the last minute plan is inherently unsafe in its current form, mainly due to the presence of bow hunters who may either not remember the special season dates or for some reason be unaware of the special season. As I am sure you are aware we already have a Late Antlerless Season and I believe that all unused tags gun/muzzleloader/bow should be valid tags for Late Antlerless Season. In Late Antlerless Season any legal weapon should be able to be used (gun musket bow) and all hunters of that season required to wear blaze orange, because of the known presence of gun hunters. You might even allow un-used bow tags to be filled by using a firearm in only that season. This would more accurately allow you to match the number of deer taken with the number you believe to be the right amount of reduction to the herd and allow it to be done more safely.

The other suggestion that I have is: the cartridges currently legal for pistols should be legal rifle cartridges for use in the shotgun 1 & 2 seasons and late antlerless. These straight walled cartridges do not have the extreme range of other center fire cartridges and are similar to or shorter range than muzzleloaders and shotgun sabots. I think allowing the use of these straight wall type (pistol) cartridges in rifles would significantly increase the accuracy of hunters with less rounds fired and more rounds being accurately placed in their intended target. It would make the woods a much safer place than it is now with the high number of shotgun slugs being fired relatively inaccurately. The range of these cartridges is quite similar to the legal shotgun sabots if not shorter range however the accuracy is far greater and predictably consistent. There are a number of rifles in these cartridges (legal and in current use in pistols) that are ideal for hunting deer and are much more accurate than shotgun slugs. Less bullets fired means increased safety. Greater accuracy means cleaner more humane kills and less wounded animals. This would cause increased sales of rifles in these calibers and significant tax revenue to our State.
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