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Call Your Game
Last Post 30 Jan 2010 05:17 AM by jayster. 0 Replies.
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30 Jan 2010 05:17 AM  
Call Your Game

I love the outdoors and nothing turns me on like hunting for wild game. I was fortune enough to start hunting at the very early age of 14 when my oldest brother returned home from the military. When my brother asked me if I would like to go hunting with him in the fall, I remember being so excited that I couldn't speak, I just sat there. Then I thought about what mom and dad would say, but big brother had already talk to them and they said that would be great. My mother and father never had a real chance to experience the outdoors, and wanted very much for me to have that chance.

It was in June of 1969 and my brother told me he had a lot to teach me for the up coming season, and the most important thing was safety. The second thing was that I had to learn how to communicate with wild animals, at the time, I thought he had been hit in the head to many times, but it was the most enjoyable time of my life, although I drove my parents crazy, walking around with a grunt call in one hand and a turkey call in the other. So without getting into any more detail about me, witch I will talk more about at another time, I want to talk about game calling.

Big game, varmint, predator and bird hunting is a yearly sport that draw outdoors-men into the wild each year to lure and hunt wild game. Bagging game is easier said than done. Not only do you have to lure wild game to you, but you also have to keep it in your gun or bow sight without it spotting you.

If you are going to fool any wild game into coming within range, you have to call it to you. This is done with a game call or some other means of devise. With some device's you can mimic both loud and soft calls. If wild game feel that there are other animals of their kind in their neighborhood, they are more likely to move about, hopefully close enough for a shot.

While game or wild birds are prepared to investigate the source of other sounds, they may or will move away quickly if they sense danger, and not other animals that may be making those sounds.

Unfortunately, wild animals are not all color blind. In fact, they have excellent eyesight. It is believed that game and birds are able to see just as well, if not better than humans. Instead you need to where camouflage that helps you blend in with your surroundings unless required by law to where Blaze Orange. Buy camo that matches your terrain; evergreen forests look different than prairies. Remember to cover not only your shirt and pants, but also your hands, face, and boots.

With any luck, between your game call and camouflage you will be able to fool your wild game and take it home to the dinner table.

For more articles on Hunting Gear visit us at;
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