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Last Post 07 Dec 2009 12:34 PM by gehee. 2 Replies.
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05 Dec 2009 03:03 PM  

I would like to hear about everyones experience with QDMA. They have totally ruined the hunting experience in the club I am a member of. They have been managing our club for about 6 years now. They started out by imposing a mature buck only rule at first ( 8 points minimum with a 15" minimum spread). I thought this was great because this was something me and my buddies had been practicing for many years. Next was the mandatory doe harvest. Everyone was required to kill 2 does before killing a buck. With 100 members in our club we were harvesting well over 200 does a year for 4 years. Last year we were told the mandatory doe harvest was over and this year we were told to limit our doe kills. We have severely damaged the deer population on our property and it has not improved the Quality of our buck herd as promised. The bucks have left our property due to the lack of does to breed. The hunting has become steadily worse over the years and it now reminds me of hunting 30 or 40 years ago when you could sit for a whole week and be lucky to even see a deer. To make matters worse they are now starting to mandate rules to manage the hunters instead of the deer. For example: They don't feel anyone should be scouting their hunting areas during non hunting times (this includes Sundays during the season where it is illegal to hunt on Sundays in my state), ATV use should be limited to retrieving harvested deer only, even though most of us have about a 1 mile walk to our deer stands. This has made it very difficult to keep my 7 year old interested in the sport. If we step foot within 100 yards of any food plots we will be kicked out of the club. The enjoyment of hunting for me is the overall experience of being in the great outdoors and enjoying it with my children. They have ruined this for all of our members. Available hunting land is scarce in my state and it is almost impossible to join other clubs as they are full otherwise most of our members would be gone. QDMA calls theirselves the future of huning, but in my opinion the future they will bring to the sport is not good. Someone needs to stop them before it is too late.

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05 Dec 2009 03:28 PM  
We don't have a QDMA program,but we have timber company land leased.Last year they came up with a 6 point or better buck rule, which is not a problem,since we had it one inplace for at least 5 yrs.The youth hunters were allowed to hunt by state law (Alabama).
This season they have placed more restrictions on our buck harvest.This season the rule is the buck has to meet 2 of 3 requirements :
#1 4 points on one side
#2 16 1/2 main beam
#3 a 12 inch spread

And to make matters worse....they have limited the kids to one buck under their min restrictions.
To me, the timber company and the deer mangers have lost what hunting is all about.It's nice to kill a good buck ,but it's not smart to make rules that push hunters out.We need to keep our kids keeps them off the streets,teachs them respect and some skills they can use in life.
I think our rules were doing great........last season we killed an 8 point,10 point and two 6 points,one of which weighed almost 200 pounds.
Our club is a family style club,it's about having fun and spending time with family and friends.You can see the affect the trophy hunting has done to our past time.All you have to do is walk into a sporting goods store or watch the hunting shows on tv.
I am in total agreement.............
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07 Dec 2009 12:34 PM  
here's the deal... if most of your members, or even 51 of them, think that the board has gone too far, elect new board officials. it's really very simple, you have the power, use it. choose the ones who are like minded or at least fair minded and elect them so they can change the rules.
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