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Life of a deer hunter
Last Post 01 Oct 2008 12:31 AM by Hunterman. 1 Replies.
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30 Sep 2008 05:02 PM  
A big hello to everyone from Pittsfield, IL.    Those of us who are blessed to live here in Pike Co. IL certainly appreciate the opportunities we have to kill monster bucks.  I like to hunt alone, have my own land, and the mounts on the walls prove I don't need advice.  So why can't I just hunt deer in peace.  Why does "Buckmasters" have to call and harass me all the time when I tell them I'm not interrested in their "elite club"?  Today I get a collection notice from them saying I owe some sort of "subscription"?  Can anyone reading this explain to me why we should hand over our hard earned money to people who go on guided hunts?  How did this company come into being and what service do they provide?  I wonder how much money they have made from using the dirty tactics they are trying on me.
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01 Oct 2008 12:31 AM  
now this is always a topic here,

listn its all your own dang fault. First off they had to get your phone number or e-mail or name address social security etc from somewhere.

ive suscribed to magazines and etc and dont get this problem so, what box did you X to cause this.

you know everyone used to complain about the home mail order music cd things, they sent me a cd i didnt want and now they expect me to pay, yea well there was a little box on all those forms that would read, if you do not want this months featured new CD, for who eva Band, check the NO box. If you dont check NO then they send it to you with the discounted bill for taking the months advertised crap.

yea some how you gave some telemarketer your info, and selected the you must be crazy section. at the end of the month when they need to make there personal quota in order to keep there job or get a bonus etc, yea then they call 6 times and every other idiot who didnt select the no soliciting box and or etc.

even stores try to get you number and or address. i tell them no, they stand there like huh. NO, No you cant have my zip code e-mail and or phone number. they ring you up just the same with or without your zip code etc.
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