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Last Post 17 Oct 2007 01:31 PM by deerslayer1. 0 Replies.
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17 Oct 2007 01:31 PM  
Well it appears as though De is starting to show signs of disease. I do not know of any confirmed cases of CWD but right now there are talks of deer kills in the southern end of the state. Appears to be EHD and or blue tongue not CWD. In De we are allowed to bait on private land. On our property we have started a QDM program along with our neighbors. We activilly bait deer during the season with corn through timed feeders, gravuty feeders and piles. We also use mineral sites located throughout our property. We have started putting in food plots, though rather small but none the less food plots. We also provide, through our feeders, year round supplements but come deer season they are mainly filled with corn! This year has been very dry in De. which makes me think, through some research, it is more likely that we have a spread of EHD. All our deer seem to be frequenting the same small amounts of water on our property. We have not seen or heard of any problems with the deer near our property but would like to do everything possible to help stop the spread of any disease. My question is would it be a good idea to stop the supplemental feeding of the deer through feeders and corn piles? Does it add that much to the spread of these disease's? Our feeding does increase the sightings of deer, and since the implemantation of our QDM program we have seen a definate improvement in the quality of deer, a definate decrease in amount of deer but an improvement of quality. We have had 4 wallhangers taken in less than two seasons compared to 1 every 4-5. I know the stand some peaple take on baiting deer, the ethics are not in question here, whatever peaple believe or dont believe is fine with me. I would like some input or thoughts of the spreaad through baiting!
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