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food plant question
Last Post 18 Sep 2007 11:41 PM by Shawn. 1 Replies.
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17 Sep 2007 02:04 AM  

Usually when we plant our patches, we just buy individual bags of wheat, oats, turnips, and a few peas(early bowseason) question is this, what is rape and can you usually get it at a local co-op. I see more and more people planting rape and I've been thinking about either replacing the turnips with it or just adding it to the mixture. Anyone got any advice?

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18 Sep 2007 11:41 PM  
Actually I believe Rape and Turnips are in the same genus (Brassica)

The biggest thing to know about either of these plants is to rotate the planting every two years. For example, if you planted them last year and this year, do not plant them next year. These species are known to have a fungus associated with them and if the fungus invades the soil then other plants will suffer.

I plant them one year and wait two before I plant them again. If the fungus gets set in, it'll cost you big time to get rid of it and then you may not get to plant for several months or more.

Good hunting

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