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Broadhead Tuning
Last Post 07 Nov 2008 12:18 AM by BIG RED. 1 Replies.
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Grouchy Bear
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04 Nov 2008 02:43 AM  

Time for science/math class:
I need some help from the community on broadhead tuning.
Prior to starting the broadhead tuning process, I was checking the FOC on my arrows.
The spec that I can find states that FOC for broadheads should be 12-15% and for field points 8-11%.  The measured FOC for my arrows was 13.2% (with 125 grain broadheads) and 9.6% (with 100 grain field points).  If I was to use 100 grain broadheads then the FOC would be the same as the field points since the overall weight hasn't changed.
So with this in mind, when broadhead tuning should I tune 125 grain broadheads to 100 grain field points, and should I be hunting with 125 grain broadheads after tuning is completed.
My arrow weight with 125 grain broadheads is 450 grains.
Thanks for any help.

Button Buck
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07 Nov 2008 12:18 AM  
if you sigted your bow with 100 gr. field poins then try your 100grain broadheads first.align your blades with the vanes /feathers and spin test them before you shoot them for groups.see how they group,then try the 125;s.if your shooting expanables there shouldn't be much differance in the accuracey.fixed blades could make them plane some which would reqiure fine tuning.your foc seems to be fine.if the 100's shoot good and keep tight groups out to a respectable distance,i would stay with them.
life member nahc,nafc,amvets.
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