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Flextone Smack Down
Flextone Smack Down

The Smack Down talks all kinds of smack - soft purrs, clucks, and tree yelps or loud cutting and excited yelps. This new black blended latex is awesome.


  • 3 Latex Reeds
  • Half & Half Cut


  1. Place the call carefully against the roof or your mouth keeping the longer reed on top and facing out.
  2. ALWAYS exhale air, NEVER inhale air through mouth. Hold in place by applying pressure with the back or middle of tongue. DO NOT PLACE TOO FAR BACK AS CHOKING MAY RESULT.
  3. While holding call in place with tongue exhale gradually and drop your jaw as you exhale. Vary the configuration of your mouth and rhythm in which you drop your jaw to achieve the desired sounds.

TIPS: To achieve a higher note apply more tongue pressure to the call. It may help to associate words to the desired call. For example, use the words chick or chuck for a yelp, the word pic works well for a cluck, and the word pack, blown with more pressure, produces a good cutting sound. To create the sound of a purr try fluttering your tongue across the latex reeds.

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