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Flextone Buck Rage Plus
Flextone Buck Rage Plus

Flextone Buck Rage Plus: Finally, one incredible call system to make ALL KNOWN WHITETAIL DEER VOCALIZATIONS. The Flextone BUCK RAGE Plus ... includes the Buck Rage and the Killer Wheeze. All vocalizations can be made instantly, by simply squeezing the labeled buttons on the soft flexible barrel while blowing on the Buck Rage, or simply blow into the KILLER WHEEZE with a too, too, tooooshhh cadence to produce the snort wheeze of an aggravated and aggressive mature buck that is ready to kick some butt... and be sure to follow up the Killer Wheeze with an Aggressive Buck Growl.

Item code 1912591146
SKU/EAN 1912591146
Price  $14.99
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