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Kevin Skopek
Kevin Skopek • 11/17/2012 • Kendall County , Illinois • Gun

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Joe Schneider.
Joe Schneider • 11/14/2012 • Caddo Parish, LA • Bow

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No Bells and Whistles Required

As far as Dave Ediger is concerned, cams are for football teams and car engines; peeps are sounds made by tiny chickens; and fiber optics are nothing more than 30-pound-test monofilament, better suited for deep-sea fishing than weed-eating. The veteran hunter from Buhler, Kan., is among the few left who prefer to hunt deer with a plain-Jane bow, a recurve he just points and shoots, which launches cedar arrows fletched with feathers. Speed doesn’t matter, when dead is dead. And dead is one tremendous Harvey County whitetail that not only is a new state record, but also a runner-up to the world-record Typical in the BTR’s recurve category. Dave put one of his cedar arrows through it last November. He was hunting land that has been in the family for more than a century, sitting in a stand his son, Caley, had hung so long ago that the host pine had begun swallowing it. It wasn’t his first choice of ground or setup, but he didn’t have another place situated for the north wind that assaulted south-central Kansas that afternoon. Just over an hour into his Nov. 13 vigil, Dave was dialing his son’s number.

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Hail, Mary, Full of Antler

If dancing the Macarena would give me a second chance at a departing buck, I’d grab my hips and swish for all I’m worth. And if you’re a bowhunter, you know exactly how I feel.

Nothing is more frustrating than watching an enormous buck walk out of your life, ignoring your most provocative urrps, wahhs and even the clash of rattlin’ horns, be they real or synthetic. If a shooter is beyond bow range, especially if it’s getting farther away, most bowhunters will throw everything they’ve got at him.

Ron Poole did the Hail-Mary thing last Nov. 19 in Iowa. Realizing he wasn’t going to pull the monstrous 22-pointer off a hot doe by grunting or hoping, he dug out a snort-wheeze call and invited Romeo to a butt-kicking, and it worked like a charm.

While a lot of bucks will do anything to avoid sharing real estate with a huff-and-puffer, the bullies often come running. Ron’s deer was of the latter group, which is why it’s now hanging on his wall in Hector, Ark.

Ron uses a compound bow, but he’s an instinctive shooter who prefers fingers over a release. Although he had a hard time not looking at antlers, he drilled the buck at 35 yards. It wound up being Iowa’s largest bow-killed Irregular in 2010, No. 6 for its category there.

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Short Hunt Ends with New PA Record

Try telling Joe Dellaquila Jr. that Pennsylvania’s relatively new three-point (on one side) antler minimum is a bad idea, and his eyes are going to fog.

The bowhunter from Ridgeway, Pa., has no problem with the restriction, especially now that a state-record 14-pointer is or soon will be hanging on his wall. He arrowed it on Nov. 2, 2010, in Elk County.

Having already put in a full day at his job, Joe was supposed to be doing some trim work on his home while the missus and their children were visiting relatives. But with the whitetail rut underway, he couldn’t stand not to be in the woods.

“It was like the deer were calling me,” he said.Because it was 5:00 by the time he settled into his stand, Joe decided to make the most of the short time available by rattling. Shortly after his second sequence, this wide-racked bull of the woods strolled past at 20 yards, all fuzzed up and looking to rumble.

The quartering-away shot was at 32 yards, and the buck’s only reaction was to fall over dead a few steps later.

Many people in that corner of Elk County had either seen or collected trail cam photographs of this deer. If not, like Joe, they’d heard and dreamt about it.

Ed Waite measured the buck less than a month after Joe broke the hearts of untold Elk County deer hunters. At 179 6/8 inches, it is Pennsylvania’s No. 1 Semi-irregular by bow, and that tally doesn’t even reflect the 22 1/8-inch inside spread, which gives the antlers a composite score of 201 7/8.

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Half Racks That Will Make You Say Ahhh

It took me 27 years to shoot a buck with two antlers that scored as high as the single shed that hit my desk last week.

The (left) antler came from Fulton County, Ind., found by Dan Fisher on March 10. It tallies 125 4/8 inches all by its lonesome, which makes it a runner-up to the Indiana record for an irregular shed and No. 10 in the world.

The best ever, picked up in Ohio, scored an even 146 inches.

Sheds rarely make headlines, at least if I’m writing them. The stories usually are well-looky-there short -- sweeter for the finders than for readers -- unless the bucks happened to be shot the following fall. But then I almost never see single antlers of such caliber.

This spring has apparently yielded some fantastic finds for hunters of cast-off antlers. Many were brought to Circle M Auctions’ annual Whitetail Classic in Dubuque, Iowa, last month, where antlers were bought and sold by the box. Several BTR measurers were on hand, and they’re still grinning.

Jackie McConnell, the regional director for that neck of the woods, might never be the same. He tells me the gang measured 10, 529 inches of bone in three days.

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