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Colonel Mustard did not do it in the library with a lead pipe. Miss Scarlet did not do it in the kitchen with a knife. And Professor Plum didn't do it in the study with a revolver.

In the game of Clue that played out in central Louisiana during the long Christmas break, 'twas John Prior who drew blood, with a rifle, in a place called Honey Brake.

The 50-year-old Georgia businessman and designer of bass fishing lures might not have been the only one to make a shot count during that extended week, but he definitely won the game.

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Never Assume You've Missed

One reason even veteran deer hunters fail to get more than one shot at a fleeing deer is because they're shocked when the animal doesn't falter or collapse after the first boom. All too often, those who manage a follow-up shot are too rattled to make it count.

That might've been the case in Pointe Coupee Parish, La., last December, when Phil Major fired twice at what he calls the local "celebrity buck." The deer, fixated on a doe, didn't react in the least to Phil's first shot, and a quick second round flew wide.

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Opening Day to Remember

Last deer season, Heather Artist scheduled a 10-day vacation to coincide with the opening of Missouri's rifle season on Nov. 16. No longer in college (she graduated the previous May), she was determined not to miss a day of hunting.

The night before the opener, she and her two sisters arrived at their parents' house and set their alarm clocks for 4:45. It was still dark when the trio left for the woods.

Heather's sisters shared a stand, while she went by herself to another. It was unusually hot and humid, the wind was strong, and it began raining after sunrise.

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Thanks to a Little Brown Bottle

Mike Mallory has no qualms about stinking up his boots. As far as he's concerned, drag rags are for wusses.

The old trick of dousing his boots with doe-in-heat scent paid off handsomely last year for the carpenter from Akron, Ohio. Going into the season, he might've known the place he hunts held at least three shooter bucks; he knew where they liked to walk, too.

But even more important than the photographs taken by his new trail cameras, even more significant than his quick mastery of a crossbow, he credits Tink's #69 for luring the bull of the woods into his lap in mid-September.

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