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Katie Pachuta
Katie Pachuta • 12/11/11 • Somerset Co. , NJ • Recurve Bow

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joe sharp
Joe Sharp • 11/30/11 • Lawrence County, Ohio • Gun

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Hiding in Plain Sight

While hunting turkeys in Republic County, Kan., during the fall of 2012, Tom Hamel and his grandson, Shea Crum, twice jumped an enormous whitetail. Unbeknownst to them, the deer was the talk of the nearby town.

"Almost everybody knew about that buck," Tom said.

"Two farmers had photographs of it. One man was even posting pictures on the Internet, advertising for out-of-state hunters," he continued. "Everyone was asking for permission to hunt the land where the big deer was seen, along with neighboring tracts."

The landowner, who did indeed lease some of his holdings, told Tom he could still hunt an 80-acre pasture – mainly because nobody else wanted it.

"It's all open, except for some little plum thickets about 10 feet by 10 feet. You can see from one end of it to the other," Tom said.

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COLD Trailing

Few Southerners get the chance to track deer in snow, which sounds easy enough.

In theory.

A Louisiana oil man thought it would be a piece of cake, but that was before the giant whitetail he shot last January ceased bleeding, before its tracks began disappearing as the temperature began rising.

It was fun while it lasted, but when four sets of eyes could no longer pick out the buck's trail, Ricky Book started making phone calls. Reinforcements, one wearing a collar, arrived around noon that day, four and a half hours after he squeezed the trigger.

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Bellringer Gets Another Poke

After more than 20 years of collecting glass-eyed trophies for his wall, Tony Pruett of Vanntown, Tenn., would rather hunt with his son or grown daughter than go it alone. But he had no buddy when he took to the Lincoln County woods before dawn on Dec. 31, 2012.

He tried rousting then 12-year-old Tyler, but his son opted to sleep in that day. A warm bed was not an option for Tony.

Tennessee's rifle season was winding down, and even though he'd launched a Hail Mary at a tremendous buck a couple of days earlier, he hadn't harvested one that year.

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Fooling Moses

When Josh Stephenson saw the tsunami rolling through the yellowed stalks, he stood and grabbed his bow. Whether the parting corn represented a Biblical shift or the opening of a new fault line near Danville, Ind., whether a robed and bearded man, a herd of deer or geology was to blame, the 25-year-old bowhunter wasn't going to find out without clipping his release to the string.

He didn't sit down again until the arrow he'd nocked was long gone, along with the bulldozer of a buck it skewered en route to the ground. Josh was breathing as if he was the one with a hole through his bellows.

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