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Entries for December 2009

Venison Wraps
You can roll up a lot of good things in a tortilla but nothing better than venison wraps. You can eat them soft or roll it all up and put in a frying pan until golden brown.  Either way you will love these with salsa and chips. Give them a ...

Venison Stroganoff
A bit on the elegant side but still quick and easy to make from your canned venison. Stir it up real good then add your canned venison. Fold the meat in gentle because canned venison is tender. Salt and pepper to taste and serve over noodles. You can...

Venison Spaghetti Sauce
If you like meaty spaghetti sauce that stays on top of your spaghetti and doesn't run down to the bottom of the plate, this is the venison dish for you. Top with some parmesan cheese and serve with some hot garlic bread! Yum Yum!

Venison Sausage Gravy
Venison sausage gravy is so good! If you have been looking for that perfect sausage gravy to put on those homemade biscuits, this is it. Spoon over hot buttered biscuits and serve with eggs. Any breakfast sausage will do but venison sausage...

Venison Pot Pie
Everybody loves pot pies! After it cools a bit spoon it into bowls and serve with crackers. Try venison pot pie for a great cabin treat. The big and little hunters at your camp will love this. What a great way to get them hunters ...

Venison Meatloaf
A great recipe that pulls double duty! After you remove it from the oven let it stand for 5 minutes then slice. I love meatloaf for dinner, but I also love those cold meatloaf sandwiches that I get to take to the deer stand the next day. This is trul...

Venison Bar-B-Q and Slaw
When you got some canned venison on the shelf, a great bar-b-q sandwich is just 5 minutes away from your mouth. Grab the buns, the pickles, and the chips! Put the meat on buttered buns and cover with coleslaw. Makes great cold sandwiches to take to t...

Canned Venison
Once you learn how to can venison it is something you will do every fall. Try some over toast, in a sandwich, or over some mashed potatoes! It turns your venison into the most tender, delicious, versatile meat you will ever put on your pantry shelve.

Rhubarb Upside-down Cake
If you love rhubarb this is your recipe. It bakes up in no time and makes it's own crust. It is a great cake to let the kids make. Serve warm with whip cream on top. Watch it disappear! P.S. If you are on a diet stop and back away from the stove.

Mike McDonald’s Pickled Fish
Pickled fish has been a favorite among northerners for years. Place in the refrigerator for 2 days before eating the fish... If you can stay out of the onions that long! Once you try this sweet treat you will pickle crappie, bass, catfish, and anythi...
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