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Entries for November 2010

Winters Day Etouffee
Nothing Inspires a Heart-Warming Recipe Like an Icy Brush With Death. Cabin fever can be a dangerous thing, especially to a whitetail hunter who’s been cooped up for three days, waiting out an ice storm. Gale force winds were continuing to rip dow...

Sourdough Bread
A little ceramic crock sits on my kitchen counter, filled with sourdough bread starter from a recipe given to me by my mother many years ago. Once a week, I take a dipper of its content, mix it with flour, oil, yeast and sugar to begin filling the...

White Chicken Chili
They say the sense of smell is the most powerful for recalling memories. That certainly seems to be the case whenever I make white chicken chili. Each step of the cooking process brings back fond memories of a happy day in October of 2001. That’s...

A Break in the Clouds
Miserable day ends with muzzleloader GIANT and a classic Heartland meal. Southern Ohio - 2:35 a.m. With a gasp, I bolted straight up in bed, rubbed my eyes and fumbled for my digital camera sitting on the nightstand. Eventually, I mashed the right ...

When It Comes to Dessert - All is Fair in Deer Camp
Dessert is a highly prized commodity in deer camp. I’ve seen scuffles, wounded friendships, multiple contusions and out-and-out thievery over something as trivial as the last squirt of Cool Whip. But I almost feel guilty about the apple pie incide...
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