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Young Bucks Outdoors
200 miles of arrows: NASP® Nationals
When the 2014 National Archery in the Schools National Tournament came to an end, 10,443 student archers who competed in the 3-day tournament set a new Guinness World Record for the largest archery tournament. As expected, the event broke its own record of 9,426 archery participants established in 2013. The 4th through12th graders competing represented 665 schools in 39 states. One parent from the Pocahontas archery team in Pocahontas County, W.V., said, "You have more archers in this one competition than live in our entire county!" The event is held annually at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville. Plans are already underway to accommodate up to the 12,000 student archer... More

Deer Facts

The North American deer family includes white-tailed, black-tailed and mule deer, elk, caribou, reindeer and moose.

The sizes of the members of this big family range from a mere 100-pound Coues whitetail at the small end of the spectrum to the largest of all members of the deer family, the Alaska/Yukon moose, which reaches 1,600 pounds or more. So, what do all the members of the deer family have in common? Several things. They all grow antlers that they shed in the late winter. With the exception of caribou and reindeer, only the males grow antlers...


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Whitetail Deer can live anywhere

Whitetail deer are the most versatile big game animals on the North American continent...



YBO Know How

It’s a box turtle! Can I keep it?It's a box turtle! Can I keep it?
Finding a slow moving turtle is wonderful discovery, and one of the most commonly found turtles in the United States is a box turtle. Most turtles are aquatic, living in rivers, streams, ponds, swamps and lakes, but like tortoises, box turtles live their entire lives on dry land...


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