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The 10% Rule
Most deer hunters harvest wall-worthy bucks only occasionally. Even then, it’s most often a case of being in the right place at the right time. A few hunters, however, seem to have discovered the secret to the big-buck program. At most, they make up 10 percent of the hunters in the woods. That 10 percent harvests about 90 percent of the Trophy bucks. What separates the elite from the rest of us? What do they do that we don’t? Perhaps a better question is, what can we learn from the 10 percent? I talked with three trophy hunters. All three have been harvesting trophies for years, often on public ground or small parcels of private land where any one of us could gain access. Because of their success, all three have opportunities to hunt exclusive parcels today, but those opportunities came about only after they were considered big-buck experts. They paid their dues and gained their expertise by hunting hard and smart. Most of you have heard of Myles Keller. Keller is a buck-hunting machine. What does he do differently from other hunters? Several things. “For starters, when I’m looking for a good area to hunt, I want to know if big bucks are in the area,” he said. “Th...

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Be a Doe Master
I heard them before I saw them — hasty footsteps rattling on the dry leaves like hail stones pinging off a tin roof. Three deer broke cover at 250 yards and raced across the open bog. A quick check through the binoculars showed none sported antlers. It did...

No Brakes
Nov. 7, 2006, was my first day back East after a successful 10-day BLM land elk hunt in Idaho. It was also the first of a 15-day on-call work block. The good thing about being on call is that I can hunt when I want, as long as I’m ready to head to work with...

Three Deep Breaths
My husband, Harold (Bodean) Johnson, had a story in the Sept. 2006 issue of Buckmasters Whitetail Magazine called, “Daniel Boone Buck.” It’s been pretty hard living with him since then. In July 2006, we traveled 7 hours from Burnside, Ky., to Greensboro, N...

All the time and effort spent with the landowner has paid off. At last you’ve gained permission to bowhunt his property. The only problem is that the hunting season starts in two weeks. Because of our choice of a short-range weapon, we bowhunters must scou...

Proactive Tactics
The bruiser buck started to side-hill toward my stand. As I reached for my bow, flashbacks of past encounters started to run through my mind. I had seen this buck several times, and each time he detoured far enough to stay out of bow range. I had contempla...
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Ken Piper / Buckmasters Editor

Ken Piper

Buckmasters editor Ken Piper grew up hunting whitetails with his father, uncles and cousins on public land in Blair County, Pennsylvania. He earned a journalism degree from Penn State in 1987 and joined the Buckmasters team in 2000. "Thanks to Buckmasters, I’ve hunted some of the best places in the country, but I’ll never forget that public-land, blue-collar hunters are the heart of our sport," he says. "Hopefully we can all remember the simple joy of taking any deer and spending time with friends and family. That’s what I strive for in the pages of Buckmasters."

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