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Labor of Love
The skittish buck swiveled his wide rack as he scanned the oak flat for any hint of danger. Perched a dozen feet up a tree, I was well hidden by foliage, but the deer knew something was amiss. Although he was well within my comfort zone, I held my shot, hoping he would calm down. Eventually several does and fawns fed into the area and the buck relaxed a bit. With the South Texas rut approaching, his natural urges now became my ally as he pointed his sensitive nose at first one doe and then another. When he looked down the sendero at a smaller buck, I quickly drew my 62# Prairie Panther longbow to the familiar anchor at the corner of my mouth, concentrated on a tiny patch of hair toward the back of the deer’s ribcage, and sent the heavy carbon arrow angling through the animal’s vitals. The arrow made quick work of the buck, and I found my trophy after following a short blood trail. Lifting the buck’s head and admiring the wide rack, I couldn’t help but smile as I looked ... More

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Panhandle Pursuit
In February 2004, I was surfing the Internet, looking to book a fall deer hunt. Being from Luverne, Ala., I couldn’t help but notice an outfitter from Laverne, Okla., a man named Steve Purviance of Mt. Hide Outfitters. Steve offers hunts in Texas, Oklahoma,...

A Fling and a Prayer
“You do realize that once you see one of those big-bodied bucks running across a cornfield, you’ll never be the same?” It was more of a warning than a question, posed by Buckmasters editor Ken Piper. He figured I’d be spoiled for life after my upcoming bowhu...

As Luck Would Have It
Lifelong friend Jeff Myrick and I had been hunting a piece of land on the Pee Dee National Wildlife Refuge in Anson County, N.C., on and off for a little over a week. We had seen several decent bucks in the bean fields the weeks leading up to opening day of...

Five Steps to Early season Success
Most deer hunters regard the early season as that time of year to shoot does or scout for the buck they want to chase during the pre-rut and rut. Some don’t even bother to hunt because of the heat or insects. There is nothing you can do about the heat but d...

Daniel Boone Buck
The Daniel Boone National Forest surrounds my home in Kentucky, and I’ll be the first to tell you there is nothing easy about hunting it. The Forest is located along the Cumberland Plateau in the Appalachian Foothills of eastern Kentucky and has more than 7...
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Ken Piper / Buckmasters Editor

Ken Piper

Buckmasters editor Ken Piper grew up hunting whitetails with his father, uncles and cousins on public land in Blair County, Pennsylvania. He earned a journalism degree from Penn State in 1987 and joined the Buckmasters team in 2000. "Thanks to Buckmasters, I’ve hunted some of the best places in the country, but I’ll never forget that public-land, blue-collar hunters are the heart of our sport," he says. "Hopefully we can all remember the simple joy of taking any deer and spending time with friends and family. That’s what I strive for in the pages of Buckmasters."

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