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Buckmasters Trophy Records

BTRSince its foundation in 1994, more than 1,000 official scorers have been certified for the BTR scoring system across the United States and Canada, with the numbers growing yearly. This means there is likely an official scorer near you. Whitetail enthusiasts who have a basic understanding of how whitetail antlers are scored and who wish to become involved, please read the Become A Scorer section. Please address all correspondence to Mike Handley, Trophy Chairman, P.O. Box 244022, Montgomery, AL 36124. Call (334) 215-3337 ext. 232.


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Circumference Measurements
Four circumference measurements (C1, C2, C3, and C4) are taken from each main beam with a 1/4-inch steel ring-end circumference measuring tape.  The first circumference measurement (C1) is taken at the smallest point between the burr and first point or...

Interpreting Types Of Points
Scorers will ultimately encounter points which demand interpretation. Some points grow in a typical fashion but from locations on a rack where typical points do not normally occur. In such cases the best interpretation of one side of a rack may be accomplished...

Definitions Of A Point
A common point is a protrusion of antler which is not less than one inch in length and whose length is greater than the width of its base. A point which rises in a vertical attitude from the main beam in a typical fashion shall be considered a typical point...
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