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BTRSince its foundation in 1994, more than 1,000 official scorers have been certified for the BTR scoring system across the United States and Canada, with the numbers growing yearly. This means there is likely an official scorer near you. Whitetail enthusiasts who have a basic understanding of how whitetail antlers are scored and who wish to become involved, please read the Become A Scorer section. Please address all correspondence to Mike Handley, Trophy Chairman, P.O. Box 244022, Montgomery, AL 36124. Call (334) 215-3337 ext. 232.


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2000: The James Stovall Buck
When I heard that Florida’s Green Swamp WMA was going to take in another 38,000 acres of basically virgin territory that had not been hunted for 13 years, I put my name in the hat for one of the 54 permits to be granted for two different bowhunts. Fortunately,...

1999 Cowinner: The Dale Larson Buck
As I was listening to the raindrops play their rhythm on the fallen leaves, I noticed the flick of a tail and glimpsed a deer’s antler. The buck was about 90 yards distant, walking along a brushy fence line — traveling perpendicular and away from my position. ...

1999 Cowinner: The Bobby Beeman Buck
My hunt for this magnificent buck actually began while I was vacationing in July 1997. I was traveling through Wyoming with my family. As we drove parallel to a river one evening, I reminded everyone to be on the lookout for deer. I never go on vacation withou...

1998: The Jamie Remmers Buck
"Grab your shoes and coat," my husband, Kent, yelled as he came running into the house. "You’ve got to see this buck!" So there I was, in my shoes, coat and pajamas, looking at a magnificent animal through a pair of binoculars. About half a dozen brief encoun...

1997: The Sam Collora Buck
Sam Collora has taken some fine bucks in his 25 years of whitetail hunting. But for the past eight years, it’s been his dream to take a real world-class buck with his bow. If you look at bowhunting records, you quickly realize that Sam lives where such a noti...

1996: The Tony Fulton Buck
Because he was pressed for time, Tony Fulton of Louisville, Miss., almost decided not to go hunting on the evening of Jan. 5, 1995. His wife, Rhonda, talked him into it. A doe was the first deer to enter the green field Tony was watching. Apparently spooked b...

When In Rome, Hunt Like Romans
You can shoot a buck with a rifle in Mississippi or Kansas and wind up on the cover of a magazine. But if you used that same centerfire to nail a buck in Illinois, your name will wind up on a court docket. You'd lose your gun, along with your hunting privilege...

BTR's Best Bucks
No matter how antlers grow, the BTR will accept and record them. By simply recording what nature produced and classifying it accurately, the BTR offers whitetail enthusiasts the opportunity to record their trophies with an unbiased record-keeping agency that a...

Kansas Claims Another Golden Laurel
Ed Koberstein’s Alberta 20-pointer might be the largest Typical ever shot by a hunter. This year’s Golden Laurel Citation winner is the largest ever ‘not shot’ by a hunter. The squirrels and mice in Phillips County, Kan., must have cataracts. The skinny lit...
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