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BTRSince its foundation in 1994, more than 1,000 official scorers have been certified for the BTR scoring system across the United States and Canada, with the numbers growing yearly. This means there is likely an official scorer near you. Whitetail enthusiasts who have a basic understanding of how whitetail antlers are scored and who wish to become involved, please read the Become A Scorer section. Please address all correspondence to Mike Handley, Trophy Chairman, P.O. Box 244022, Montgomery, AL 36124. Call (334) 215-3337 ext. 232.


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2007 Cowinner: The Deb Luzinski Buck
On Friday, Oct. 27, 2006, my husband and I were the coordinators of a "permit-only" archery deer removal at a 1,000-acre regional park in a northern suburb of the Twin Cities Metro area. We had 15 other hunters in the woods, all in stands they’d selected. I s...

2006: The Ed Huff Buck
Perhaps it’s a good thing that Ed Huff’s second arrow was never found. Somehow damaged, it might’ve been the reason the 55-year-old contractor from Lake Wales, Fla., didn’t hit the 4-inch bull’s-eye. Or it might’ve been the pressure of shooting in front of an...

2005 Cowinner: The Jeff Severson Buck
On the eve of the 2004 deer season, Jeff Severson of Rice Lake, Wis., and his nephew, Shane Thome, decided they would settle for nothing less than record book bucks. Ditto for Barb, Jeff’s wife. And they all agreed that chances were best if they could get draw...

2005 Cowinner: The Brad Jerman Buck
The kiss of death. Two snorts, followed by the noisy exit of a deer. Despite my best effort at stealth, after 45 minutes of crawling in the dark and groping for a limb on which to hang an estrous-scented wick, a briar scratched loudly against my pants. I was...

2004: The Justin Hogan Buck
If a tree falls in the woods, and there is no one there to hear it, does it make a sound? What if, instead of a tree, it’s a world-class whitetail? Justin Hogan of Densmore, Kan., wasn’t around when a humongous deer made its final bed last year in a Phillips...

2003: The Jerry Bryant Buck
Strangely, the buck didn’t react to the loud pop of the crossbow’s string. The deer didn’t charge off toward parts unknown. It merely stood there, sort of bobbing its head and pawing the ground. "I thought he was just peeved," remembers Jerry Bryant. There w...

2002 Cowinner: The Wayne Zaft Buck
It seems fitting that Alberta, Canada, the birthplace of Buckmasters’ Full-Credit Scoring System, has yielded the new No. 1 Typical in the BTR’s compound bow category. The five-year reign of the Sam Collora Buck from Iowa came to an end on Oct. 8, 2001, when W...

2002 Cowinner: The Troy Wilson Buck
  For Troy Wilson of Mt. Sterling, Ky., success in the deer woods has always been measured by the lumps in his freezer, not by a measuring tape. The self-proclaimed "meat hunter" has never cared much about what his bucks’ antlers score. As long as he’s a...

2001: The Mike Beatty Buck
Fumbling nervously in the darkness for one of his distinctive white-fletched arrows, Mike Beatty had made one of the toughest decisions of his life: to temporarily abandon the search for the monstrous whitetail he’d shot at dusk. Still not convinced that he’d ...
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