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BTRSince its foundation in 1994, more than 1,000 official scorers have been certified for the BTR scoring system across the United States and Canada, with the numbers growing yearly. This means there is likely an official scorer near you. Whitetail enthusiasts who have a basic understanding of how whitetail antlers are scored and who wish to become involved, please read the Become A Scorer section. Please address all correspondence to Mike Handley, Trophy Chairman, P.O. Box 244022, Montgomery, AL 36124. Call (334) 215-3337 ext. 232.


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2014: The Jim Cogar Buck
Long after most of Ohio’s deer hunters had either tagged out or quit because of the bone-chilling cold, 33-year-old Jim Cogar of Powell was still climbing into stands, hoping to see the rambling buck he’d been after since October. It was almost as if he co...

2013: The Thad Cartwright Buck
When my dad, Todd, and I retrieved the first trail camera photograph of a giant buck in Sept. 2011, it was a typical 10-pointer with a considerable amount of junk sprouting from the bases of its antlers. It wasn’t the only decent buck photographed, but it w...

2012: The Audrey Sharp Buck
I didn’t sleep well on the Friday night before Indiana’s 2011 firearms opener. My husband, Jerry, had agreed to stay home with our daughters so I could go hunting with my dad, Tim Ostrander, and I was excited. I awoke at 4:30 a.m., got ready and was at my ...

2011: The Chris Brazzell Buck
Leaving my November playground in Nebraska wasn't easy, but I'd agreed to join my pastor, Shane Warren, and his friend, Ken Roark, in Ohio. So after six days of bowhunting the Cornhusker State, I boarded a plane in Lincoln and flew to Columbus. Soon after ...

2010: The Clay Tiringer Buck
Following the 2008 hunting season, I saw a great 9x7 whitetail that left me counting the days until the next one. All I could do was hope the buck survived the winter. Immediately prior to the 2009 season, I went back to the area where I’d spotted the 16-p...

2009 Cowinner: The Kyle Simmons Buck
Because he rarely asks for time off from his job, inclement weather usually dictates when Kyle Simmons can go hunting. The demand for firewood near Spragueville, Iowa, keeps him busy for 60 or more hours a week. But last October, the 24-year-old saw the stars...

2009 Cowinner: The Bob Decker Buck
My 2008 hunting season started as soon as Wisconsin’s ’07 season ended. My hunting partner, Paul Olson, and I made numerous trips from Eau Claire to our hunting lease in Buffalo County in January and February to check trail cameras and fine-tune stand location...

2008: The Ben Knisley Buck
For Ben Knisley, a "good" deer season is defined by how much time he’s able to spend in the woods with family and friends. Filling a tag always comes second to the young Minnesotan, and he’s not picky when opportunity knocks. The 2006 season was good on both ...

2007 Cowinner: The Johnny King Buck
The two men approached the downed buck cautiously, from different sides. Johnny King’s bullets had dropped the enormous whitetail, but Brad Heisz, who’d answered his cousin’s desperate call for help, had obligingly administered the coup de grace. Brad reached...
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