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James Werner
James Werner • Dutchess County • Bow

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David Start
David Start • 11/19/2011 • Madison Co. , Texas • Rifle

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And it Wasnt Even Public Land!

Burning one's last vacation day and shelling out for a nonresident hunting license and deer tag are small prices to pay for a much-needed change of scenery. But when a frustrated Jesse Ferree paid that price in 2012, he got more of the same.

The Indiana hunter, weary of hearing gunshots and seeing more hunters than deer where he hunts close to home, decided to extend his weekend by spending Monday on a friend's place across the Ohio border.

Jesse had no reason to believe his chances would be any better, since he'd never hunted the property and had only one trail camera photograph of a decent buck. But he didn't think it could be any worse than he'd experienced that week in Indiana.

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Success in the Sauna

If you're going to spend an afternoon in a deer stand when the mercury is pushing 100 degrees, you'd better keep the wind in your sweaty face.

Bowhunter Jody Slingo knows this. Even though he could pinpoint - almost to the blade of grass - where an incredible buck would enter a field every evening, even though he had a slam-dunk stand positioned in the perfect spot to intercept it, he climbed that tree with only a north or northeast wind.

And in his part of Oklahoma, that pretty much means the 12th of never.

Jody first saw the deer of his dreams feeding in the alfalfa normally frequented by does before the 2010 season opened. It was with four other bucks: three juveniles and a decent 10-pointer.

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Kentucky Buck Reshuffles Longbow Records

At first glance, Joe Lacefield's buck might appear to sport identical foot-long drop tines on a 4x4 mainframe. That's exactly what Joe, a B&C measurer and wildlife biologist with the state of Kentucky, thought when he peered at the dying animal through his binoculars.

Actually, however, the deer's main beams droop downward, which is even more evident when the partially shredded velvet was removed. And even with the addition of a kicker off its left P2, it qualifies as a Typical, which makes it the runner-up to the world longbow record in “Buckmasters Whitetail Trophy Records."

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How to Beat the No-stand Blues

A not-so-funny thing happened to Mike Flanigan of Conneaut, Ohio, on the way to his deer stand last Oct. 27. When he arrived at his tree, the stand wasn't there.

Understandably upset, he could've walked back to his truck to stew in his own juices for a few hours while his friend and son hunted.

Instead, he channeled his inner squirrel – or maybe his 10-year-old self – and found a tree he could climb.

Had he done the former, his bank account might've suffered only the cost of replacing the treestand. He wound up having to pay another few hundred dollars to commemorate the day he discovered the theft.

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