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Tyler Matula
Tyler Matula • 11/06/2012 • Douglas County, WI • Bow

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Doug HUskey
Doug Huskey • 1/16/2012 • Sharkey Co. Mississippi • Rifle

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Buckeye Bookends

Rob Ross and his 13-year-old daughter, Ginny, will never forget Ohio's 2013 deer season, when both shot record-book bucks from the same homemade ground blind, two weeks apart.

Ginny was first to fill her tag on the afternoon of Nov. 23, and her father was beside her.

"We didn't see this buck until it was practically in our lap, only 30 yards from our blind," she said, the words tumbling lightning-fast from her mouth. "We'd been there for only half an hour."

The deer stood behind a bush for maybe 10 minutes, which was almost painful for Ginny. When it finally cleared the bush, she squeezed the trigger. Twice. But because the safety was still engaged, it took a third squeeze to do the job.

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'Warm Hollow' Buck

When the smoke cleared and the buck was no longer in the food plot, Roger Poe began shaking. The hunter from Mt. Olivet, Ky., also imagined the worst: that he must've pulled the shot and missed, or else hit the deer too high.

It's always disconcerting when a deer doesn't drop, isn't it? After all, that's why a lot of hunters simply can't manage follow-up shots - though such a thing is almost impossible when one is shooting a smokepole.

R.J.'s worries, however, were unfounded.

He was hunting opening weekend of the Bluegrass State's 2013 muzzleloader season, so eager to get a crack at the magnificent buck his trail camera had photographed six days in a row that he'd arranged to burn his only vacation day the following Monday.

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Third Time's the Harm

Twice in 2012, friends of Bill Robinson stuck a magnificent buck with arrows. One hit it too far forward in the shoulder; the other didn't go deep enough. The first time, the buck was on the north side of the Republican River; it was on the other side a month later.

The following year, Bill happened to spot the deer with the palmated rack, still south of the river, while walking back to his truck. He'd just christened a new hunting spot.

Clay Center's police chief went back to that pruned cedar a few days later, on Nov. 20, even though he had less than an hour to hunt. When he reached his tree, he noticed that a deer had apparently found the niche and made its bed there.

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Bossier Behemoth Reshuffles Records

Going into Louisiana's 2013 deer season, Jon Black and his son, Hunter, had a couple of bucks on their wish lists. They'd combed through thousands of trail camera photographs, and those two towered above the rest.

Hunter wound up taking one of the 1,200-acre farm's superstars in late November, a 14-pointer that scored in the 170s. By then, however, a third giant had started mugging for their cameras.

The latecomer looked like it might have 14 points, too ... on ONE side. And there were just as many on the other antler!

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