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Using The Measuring Tool
All point and circumference measurements (except the length of main beam) must be taken with a 1/4-inch flexible steel tape and calculated to the nearest 1/8-inch. When measuring lengths of points with the steel tape measure, always place the hash...

Comparing Deer Within The BTR
If one wished to compare, in detail, one deer with another in the BTR listings, he should compare deer within a specific classification with other deer having approximately the same percentage of irregular inches of antler in their scores. Naturally,...

4 Classifications Of Antlers
A Perfect rack is one in which every typical point on one main beam has a matching typical point on the opposite main beam, and whose rack contains no more than 1 percent irregular inches of antler in its total score. A Perfect rack is characterize...

Score Your Buck
Unofficially score your own buck and see if it meets the minimum score for BTR entry (140 inches for all firearms entries and 105 inches for all bow and arrow and crossbow entries).

BTR's Golden Laurel Citation
The BTR's Golden Laurel Citation is awarded annually to honor the most significant whitetail rack entered into the Buckmasters Whitetail Trophy Records for that calendar year. The Golden Laurel Citation represents two historic elements awarded for gr...

Become A BTR Scorer
To be certified as an Official Scorer for the BTR, the applicant must attend a one-day Official Certification Clinic. To qualify for BTR Certification Clinic attendance, the applicant must:

BTR Officers and Regional Directors
Region 1 - Director: Steve Lucas / Ph. (205) 915-3935 / Alabama, Georgia, Florida                            &...

BTR Philosophy
The philosophy of Buckmasters' new Full-Credit Scoring System is to measure and record whitetail deer antlers without forcing them to conform to a criterion of perfect symmetry.
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BTR Scorer's Handbook