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Where’s the Venison?

Where’s the Venison?

By Bob Humphrey

Get to know the nutrition facts about venison so you can share with your friends.

QUESTION: I know wild game is better for you than red meat from the store, but are there some numbers on how much better and why? I’d like to tell my non-hunting friends about it. – Larry A.

ANSWER: Both beef and venison lack carbohydrates and are complete proteins because they contain all 10 of the essential amino acids responsible for chemical reactions and metabolic function. However, beef has roughly three to four times as much saturated fat, nearly four times the cholesterol and roughly twice the calories of venison.

Beef also has slightly less iron, a deficiency of which leads to lethargy, weakness and impaired cognitive function. Lastly, you burn far more calories obtaining venison than you do going to the grocery store.

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