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Which Seed?

Which Seed?

By Bob Humphrey

What to plant in your food plot depends on your goals and circumstances.

QUESTION: I live in northwest Indiana and have room for a 1-acre food plot. What should I plant? – Jim E.

ANSWER: A lot depends on your objective.

Given that you have room for only one plot, you can probably rule out year-round nutrition or warm-season feeding plots. That narrows it down to cool-season hunting plots.

If you prefer to plant it and forget it, a blend containing perennial clovers can be a good option. If you don’t mind planting every year, fast-growing annuals usually provide more attractive nutrition. If you’re only building one, relatively small plot, you might consider a 50:50 plot with different blends in each half, or even a cafeteria plot with alternative strips of different plants. This might make the plot more attractive over a longer time period, as well as providing a hedge against environmental conditions like too much, or not enough, moisture.

Whatever you decide, I strongly recommend you plant a blend rather than a single crop for just those reasons. Also, use blends designed for deer forage. Often, the bulk seed available at local seed and feed stores is designed for cattle fodder and is less attractive to and nutritious for whitetails. As for specifics, you’ll probably find most blends contain some mixture of clover, chicory and brassicas.

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