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Feelin’ Foggy

Feelin’ Foggy

By Bob Humphrey

You have to be careful when searching the internet for deer hunting advice.

QUESTION: My uncle and I were hunting in our blind one foggy morning, and I asked my uncle to look up on the internet about hunting in the fog. The answers on the web didn’t make much sense to us. One source said fog can be one of the best times to hunt, while another said it is the worst None of the answers had any type of reasoning. Can you clear this up for us? — Scott H.

ANSWER: Consider the source. The internet can be a valuable source of useful information, but because there are no constraints or filters on what can be published, it’s also loaded with garbage. The trick is being able to tell which is which.

That’s why magazines, and websites like are a much more reliable source. First, the contributors (writers) are hand-picked and vetted for their credentials. Then, their material is inspected and approved by editors before it is disseminated to the public.

Next time you go to the internet for answers about deer hunting, first look for the author’s name. If there isn’t one provided, you can probably ignore the information. If you don’t recognize the author, you should be skeptical unless you can otherwise determine they have some credibility. If the author is a recognized authority on the subject, it’s a much safer bet (but never a guarantee) that they know what they’re talking about.

Oh, and I killed one of my biggest bucks on a foggy morning. I’m a big advocate of hunting whenever you can, even if the weather is a little off. Fog certainly cuts down our visibility, but I haven’t found it to suppress deer movement.

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