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Mucinex Won’t Help That

Mucinex Won’t Help That

By Bob Humphrey

If you think your last head cold was bad, check out what deer sometimes endure.

QUESTION: I found these crawling inside the nasal cavity of a deer. I’m told they are normal and harmless. What are they and it true they’re nothing to worry about? — Robert M.

ANSWER: In all likelihood what you have encountered what are commonly referred to as deer nose bots or nasal bots. They occur in most areas of North America, and scientists have identified at least five species that infect deer.

Basically, they are fly larvae, or what we commonly call maggots. They typically cause little or no real harm to deer, but on rare occasions can cause infection and even death from suffocation.

Mucinex Won’t Help ThatDetached larvae can sometimes migrate to the lungs.

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