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Videos: Turkey Tips & Hunts
ScentBlocker's Guide to Spring Turkey
The old tom came in silent, and neither of us made a sound until I coaxed one obligatory gobble out of him. That was the last sound that bird ever made. I didn’t want the season to pass without hearing at least one sweet call of spring. Turkeys can be hunt...
So You Want To Be a Turkey Hunter?
When I started turkey hunting back in the early 1980s, there wasn’t a whole lot of instructional information around on how to do it. To make matters worse, turkey hunting was still in its infancy in the northeast, where I hail from. There were no veterans a...
How To Score Your Turkey
Did you know you could score your turkey and possibly enter it into the record books? The National Wild Turkey Federation maintains official records of wild turkeys taken by fair chase methods anywhere in the world. Rather than simply using weight, their sy...
Turkey Vocalizations
According to researchers, the wild turkey’s vocabulary consists of at least 30 distinct calls. Fortunately, you only need to be able to mimic a half-dozen or so to hunt them effectively. Probably the most familiar, and easiest to imitate is the “yelp,” and ...
Spring Turkey Tips
Hunter’s Specialties pro-staffer Eddie Salter has some spring turkey tips for Buckmasters fans. Q: “Eddie, spring turkey season is almost here. Can you give our site visitors a few pointers?” A: “Sometimes people get the idea that the morning hunt is over af...
How to Bag the Biggest Bird of Your Life
When I started guiding turkey hunters, birds were hard to find and permits hard to get. Most of my clients were first-time turkey hunters and I advised hunters to take the first legal bird they could. “Get one under your belt, gain some experience and then ...
Tactics for Hard-Hunted Turkeys
As my truck rolled down the gravel road I turned to the fellow I was guiding and revealed, “this is one of the heaviest hunted spots in the area. The road ends up ahead and there’s a field off to the left. At dawn it looks like a parking lot.” No response w...
How To Deal With Henned-Up Birds
One of the biggest obstacles most turkey hunters will face at one time or another is dealing with henned-up birds. Of course, this depends a lot on the timing of hunting seasons in relation to the turkey’s breeding seasons. Most seasons are set to begin after ...
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