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Kabobs with 19 Skewers

Kabobs with 19 Skewers

By Dale Weddle

Even with a forked tree as a rest, it took every ounce of George Morrison’s willpower to steady his .30-06 long enough to bring the crosshairs to rest on the huge whitetail’s neck. With adrenalin coursing through his body, he took one last deep breath, locked in and slowly squeezed the trigger. A lifetime of hunting, much of it with a ...


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Ordeal in Ohio
Ordeal in Ohio

By Ed Waite

If Ernest Hemingway had met Donnie Wilson, Spencer Tracey might’ve played the role of a deer hunter instead of a fisherman. He’d have suffered rope burns from dragging a buck, instead of fighting a marlin. Oh, and the ending to ... READ MORE

Trading a Racquet for a Rack
Trading a Racquet for a Rack

By Mike Handley

Had 14-year-old Sabrina Nisly’s tennis practice not been canceled because of the rain on Sept. 13, 2012, she might have ended her first-ever deer season with a big fat “love.” But rain it did. And because her father, Joe, ... READ MORE

Better than a Gold Watch
Better than a Gold Watch

By Jill J. Easton

Prior to 2010, Kenneth Fields thought trail cameras weren’t fair. His words. But that was before serious back pain diminished the Kansas deer hunter’s trips afield. At the suggestion of his nephew, Jerry Smith, Kenneth reluctant... READ MORE

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