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"PETA's Jesus Campaign" Isn't Biblical
A billboard along Interstate 27 near Amarillo, Texas, boldly proclaimed, “Jesus was a vegetarian. Show respect for God’s creatures — follow Him.” It caused such uproar that the advertising company that hoisted the astounding proclamation removed the controvers...

The Sharpness Factor
Many bowhunters don’t understand how the “sharpness factor” figures into bowhunting success. First, one must realize that game animals shot with arrows die from blood loss or hemorrhaging. Arrows, unlike bullets, have relatively little foot pounds of impact on...

Three for the Road
The fastest way to start an argument among deer hunters is to offer an opinion, any opinion, about the “perfect” deer rifle. The truth is that a given rifle might be perfect in one hunter’s hands and not so perfect in another’s. Any perfect deer rifle is the r...

Funnels, Tunnels, Turnpikes & Other Prime Sign
The single best clue to unraveling the secrets for tagging trophy bucks is to nail down their travel routes. One of the enduring questions about understanding buck behavior is whether or not their travel patterns are set in concrete. Let's face it: If you k...

10 Tips To Improve Your Rifle Shot
Hunting skills like scouting and stalking will not put antlers on the wall. To close the deal, you must make the shot. Tactics, techniques, scents and calls might get you close but will be of no use when it’s trigger time. Many of us hunt with bow and rifle...

Don't Lay Down And Die
Six inches of snow covered the Ohio ground that December day in 1995. I hit the woods and found some very big tracks. I followed them and within a few yards found a “dead deer” lying at the treeline. Its ribs and spine were showing, and its eyes were sunken...

Cruising For Native Food Sources
Ever wonder what white-tailed deer ate before man came up with the idea of food plots? That statement is not meant to be a smart aleck comment. It's meant to initiate a dialogue with wildlife habitat managers, landowners, and deer hunters in an effort to ha...
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