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Thank Your Mentor

Thank Your Mentor

By Ken Piper

Show your appreciation to the people who introduced you to the outdoors.

Forgive me for getting personal this week, but I just lost my father and am feeling rather sentimental.

My father had a hard time understanding his son's interest in things like Star Trek, sports and reading books. Truth be told, I should have paid more attention during the times he tried to involve me in the car and home repair projects that occupied much of his time.

The one thing we shared, and the one thing we bonded over, was our time in the outdoors hunting and fishing.

As his health deteriorated over the past few years, I did a decent job of thanking my dad for introducing me to the outdoors. My only regret is I didn't appreciate the significance of the great times we had while they were happening. Or maybe it was just a lack of awareness that those times would some day come to an end.

And that leads us to this week's Tip. If you're still enjoying great times afield with your family, never pass up an opportunity to make more of those memories. Take vacation and do whatever you have to do to join your loved ones in the woods or on the water.

While you're at it, let them know how much you love them and how much you enjoy spending time together.

Finally, thank the mentor or mentors who introduced you to the outdoors and let them know they've given you a gift of immeasurable worth.

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