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The Livelong Day

The Livelong Day

By Ken Piper

Sitting all day is not a requirement, even during the rut.

We’re quickly approaching the time of year when you might consider sitting all day.

The reason we usually hunt only mornings and evenings is simple: Deer move most at dawn and dusk. The exception is the rut, when anything can happen.

Even during the rut, however, the odds of seeing a buck are lower in the middle of the day than they are in morning or evening. This begs the question of whether sitting all day is worth the effort. The answer largely depends on each hunter and his or her individual circumstances.

It’s hard to stay out from dark to dark, and it’s even more difficult from an elevated stand. There’s a fine line between working hard to get a buck and making yourself miserable. If you’re not enjoying your time afield, you’ll soon find reasons not to go.

If you have the time and drive to stay out, consider the following ways to make your day more enjoyable.

First, choose a comfortable stand. Ladder stands are better than lock-ons for comfort, but stationary blinds are best because you can move around more than you can in an elevated stand. An extra seat cushion can help if you choose a lock-on.

Next, make sure you have lots of food and drink. Hot chocolate and coffee are great for chilly weather. Snacks like nuts help you pass the time and keep hunger at bay, but don’t choose nuts with shells that crack audibly.

Third, don’t be afraid to take a break. If you’re in an elevated stand, get down and stretch, and take care of calls of nature. If you’re hunting from a blind, get out and walk around it or do some exercises. While taking a break exposes more of your scent, you’ll be sharper and ready to capitalize on an opportunity if you get your blood pumping and stretch your muscles. Also, a half-hour or hour break at your stand doesn’t create nearly as much disturbance as walking back and forth to a vehicle.

Finally, know your limits. If you’re in pain from sitting still too long, or you’re bored to insanity, leave and come back in the evening. Remember, hunting is supposed to be fun!

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