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Less Is More

Less Is More

By Ken Piper

Why spending less time in your best stand is a good thing.

Most of us try to have multiple stand locations ready for deer season, but we all have our favorite – that one stand that looks the most promising and the one we’re sure will produce a monster buck. We take special care with that stand and have everything just right for opening day.

Once everything is ready and it’s time to hunt comes the most difficult part: summoning enough willpower to stay away from that stand unless the conditions are just right.

The worst thing you can do is head to your best stand when conditions aren’t right. If the wind is wrong and your big buck smells you, he won’t be back (at least not in shooting light).

Save your favorite stand for when you have your best chance to take your buck. First, ask yourself if it’s the right time of year to hunt that stand. Next, make sure the wind is right and that you have plenty of time to get in and settled. Finally, keep in mind some stands are more likely to produce in a morning or evening hunt.

Trail cameras are a great way to determine if a particular stand is hot, but there’s a fine line between being informed (checking cameras often) and causing disturbance to an area. If you have a cellular trail camera, use it at your best stand to help keep your buck at ease. If your photos show a buck in daylight, it’s probably time to make your move.

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Copyright 2020 by Buckmasters, Ltd