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Expect Success

Expect Success

By Ken Piper

A positive mental attitude leads to better results in the woods.

There are many factors that go into a successful hunt: scouting, practice and equipment are just a few. In addition to all these physical elements, there are important mental aspects of deer hunting that separate the average from the best.

There’s nothing like experience to help you along; lessons learned the hard way are lessons remembered. But there’s a less tangible mental factor that is required for consistent success, and that is high expectation.

The best hunters know that no matter how bleak things look, no matter how slow the deer movement and no matter how few minutes of daylight are left, the next second could be the one when a buck steps out and presents a shot.

If you are ready to succeed mentally, you will be ready to succeed physically. You will automatically do things like having your gun or bow in hand and in good position. You will be alert and will take a deer by surprise more often than they take you by surprise.

Professional athletes are taught to prepare for a game by going through the action in their minds and imagining themselves performing well. By seeing it happen ahead of time, they are ready to make it happen when the actual game starts.

The same thing applies to hunting. See yourself picking out the deer and making that perfect shot. Expect success, and you will achieve it.

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