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Water, Water Everywhere

Water, Water Everywhere

By Ken Piper

The more water on a property, the less important it is for hunting.

Deer don’t have to drink every day to survive, but they will drink regularly if water is convenient. Water is particularly important to whitetails in the South and Southwest, where it can be hot during deer season, and in the West where water sources tend to be scarce.

For hunting purposes, water is less important where it is abundant. If there’s a creek winding through your hunting area, deer can drink anywhere along its course. The fewer water sources, however, the more important water becomes as a stand site.

Examine tracks around the water hole to find which trails are most active. Set up accordingly. In dry areas, the water holes can create a food source, with weeds and other browse growing up around the edges.

Water supply can vary greatly from one deer season to the next, so be mindful of things like drought conditions, which create an even an even bigger draw for water sources as stand sites.

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Copyright 2020 by Buckmasters, Ltd