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Game Wardens Can Help

Game Wardens Can Help

By Ken Piper

State game and conservation officers often get a bum rap since part of their job is enforcing laws, but most of them are open to sharing information with considerate hunters.

If you’re planning to hunt on public land, call your local game authority and ask to talk to the officer who covers the given area.

Ask him or her about good places to hunt ... maybe under-hunted or overlooked hotspots. Most will be happy to share advice on where to start scouting, in addition to helping you find all the good (and legal) parking areas.

It never hurts to have had a friendly conversation with your local wildlife conservation officer before heading into his neck of the woods. When you call, be considerate and have a map in hand and a general knowledge of the area.

Doing so will allow you to get more out of the information, and the officer will know you’re serious about your desire for good information.

Finally, wardens can be difficult to reach since they spend much of their time in the field. If you leave a message, include your email address as an option for the WCO to get back to you.

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