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A Little Off the Top

A Little Off the Top

By Ken Piper

Sometimes we focus so much on what we can see from a stand that we forget to consider what a deer sees from his angle. Whether you’re hunting with a gun, bow or muzzleloader, you will almost always have to make some kind of movement to get a shot. While a whitetail’s sense of smell is his best defense, ignore his vision at your peril.

Camouflage alone will not do the trick. Deer notice movement easily, so your best defense is a good set of camo and some background clutter to break up your outline. For that matter, foreground clutter is even better.

If you’re hunting from an elevated position, try to keep a canopy of leaves between you and the sky. When hunting from the ground, leafy bushes or thick branches will do the trick. The closer to you the background is, the harder it will be for a deer to pick you out, especially when your camouflage is suited to the hunting situation.

When it comes to the foreground, try to be conservative when trimming shooting lanes. It can be tempting to clear out every branch that might possibly get in the way, but it’s often better to have at least a few obstructions that can help hide movement.

If you’ve ever been caught flat-footed by a sneaky buck, you know it’s almost impossible to draw a bow or raise a gun when he’s standing at 50 yards with nothing between you but air.

Also keep in mind how your setup will change as leaves drop throughout the fall. It can be a tricky balance between keeping cover and making sure you can see and shoot, but err on the conservative side, especially when trimming while the leaves are still on the trees.

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