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Clear a Path to Success!

Clear a Path to Success!

By Danny Rasnake

Photo: Small things lead to successful deer hunting. Raking a path to your stand could help put venison in your freezer.

One of the most important aspects of deer hunting is getting to and from our treestands quietly.

Without silent entries and exits, deer are alerted to our presence, which decreases our odds of success.

Once leaves start to fall, it can be virtually impossible to approach your treestand quietly because of leaves, sticks and other crunchables.

My tip is to use a leaf rake to clear the path to your stand.

It only takes a few minutes to remove the stuff that usually makes you cringe when you step on it.

Clear a Path to Success!Rake the path on a day you are not hunting, or pre-season, so you won't spook deer that particular day.

You'll notice you can move a lot faster on a raked path as well as improve your element of surprise, even on the calmest of days.

Since your scent clings to anything you brush against, raking also reduces the amount of obstacles your clothing comes in contact with.

So, rake your path now, and you’ll thank yourself later!

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