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Socked-and-Loaded Scent Spinner

Socked-and-Loaded Scent Spinner

By Vince Huett

I’m a big fan of scent dispersal canisters or foggers and the way they distribute deer lures into the area, especially while I’m set up in my treestand.

Dripper-type scent systems and the kind you spray or pour onto the ground work great in certain situations, and are especially well suited for attracting and keeping bucks in your area or in front of your trail cameras while you are away.

But when I’m locked-and-loaded in my treestand and the rut is on, I want to go all out with my scent dispersal. This is when those hot shot, buck bomb or fogger-type devices are my weapons of choice.

I have devised a way to get the most of my canister and put out an all-points bulletin to bucks in my area, and this technique has brought me a ton of success!

Socked-and-Loaded Scent SpinnerFirst, I take an old, dark sock and wash it in scent-free detergent. I fold it down so it will allow the top of my scent can to stick out. Then I punch a hole in the sock and slip a key ring in the hole and tie a rope to the ring.

The other end of that rope is going to be attached to my treestand.

A couple of hours before prime time, when I’m 20 to 30 feet up in my stand, I slide the scent canister into the sock, remove the top, press the tab into the lock position that allows continuous spray, and I lower the rope.

As the canister descents, I give the rope a spin. This allows the scent to blast out in all directions, catch the wind and really get out into the woods.

You can lower it to a few feet above the ground and turn the whole can loose, or release part of the contents and pull it back up and save some for later.

Socked-and-Loaded Scent SpinnerI cannot begin to tell you the number of times I’ve used this technique and had bucks come running in, nose to the ground and looking to find the other deer. It REALLY works.

Before you start, or if you pull the partially-used can back up, I highly recommend you check the wind to ensure you won’t get a face full of deer lure. It does not taste good at all!

–Editor’s Note by Tim H. Martin

I can’t wait to try Vince Huett’s tip, and I know the perfect products.

Our partners at Tink’s make several fogger and long-range scent dispersal lures with locking valves, like Vince wrote about.

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