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Two Unique Scent Tricks

Two Unique Scent Tricks

By Jimmy Bennett

Heated Scent Pads:

This first trick enables me to use my ThermaCELL for something other than repelling mosquitoes. It gets an additional function out my device, as well as utilizes old ThermaCELL pads.

I like to pour a little buck lure on a used pad, turn on my ThermaCELL and hang it about 20 yards upwind from my stand, about 4 feet above the ground.

The heat really intensifies the odors and causes the scent to rise into the breeze, allowing it to be carried further. This method seems to be particularly effective on cold days.

It really works, and I believe the heated deer urine is presented in a much more natural way, as if it just came from a warm bladder.

One side note: You might want to dedicate one ThermaCELL device specifically for this purpose so the next time you repel mosquitoes at the family picnic, no one complains about your backyard smelling like a doe in heat or rutting buck!

Two Unique Scent TricksThe Diaper Granule Trick:

This trick allows you to create your own solid scent granules from liquid deer lures.

It’s a way to transform urine and liquids into a powdery solid state, which is easier to handle, spreads well, and lasts longer than just dumping it onto the ground. And, the odors remain just as strong.

Take your favorite liquid hunting lure, for instance, a urine-based doe-in-heat lure or rutting-buck urine, and pour it into an old medicine bottle until it’s about half full.

Now place a large pinch of baby diaper filament into the medicine bottle. (That’s the cottony stuff between inner and outer disposable diaper layers.) You’ll want the mix ratio to be about half filament, half liquid scent.

Since diaper filament is a special polymer that absorbs moisture and crystalizes it, the urine will transform into a granulated form within a few hours.

You can shake it out, which is cleaner than pouring, and it won’t splash onto your fingers.

It doesn’t take much filament, and one diaper will be more than you’ll need.

Instead of buying an entire pack, it’s better to find a friend with a baby who will let you have a single unused diaper.

I’ve found my homemade scent granules work particularly well for making mock scrapes and freshening existing scrapes.

The granules will mix in with the soil, staying on top of the scrapes longer than pouring precious lures into the dirt.

I’ve used this method for 16 years and can testify that it works great!

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