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Bow Sight Covers

Bow Sight Covers

By Victor Ortiz

Last summer, I read a Buckmasters Tip of the Week about using different types of koozies as covers for riflescopes.

This made me happy, because I have been doing something similar for a long time, except I use koozies to cover and protect my bow sights.

A koozie, in case you are not familiar, is an insulating sleeve used to keep a canned or bottled drink cold.

After purchasing a commercial bow sight cover made of canvas, and being unsatisfied with the amount of cushioning and protection it gave my sight, I decided to look for something better.

Bow Sight CoversOne day, I came across a camouflage koozie and the idea struck me; why not use this as a bow sight cover?

The koozie had more cushioning than the flimsy store-bought cover, it gripped the sight better, and it looked nice.

Because I’m a 3D shooter as well as a hunter, I have several different types of bows and bow sights. My 9-year-old grandson is starting to get into archery, so I have a need for several bow sight covers.

Koozies are cheap, available and functional.

And, if you care about how your bow looks, you can easily find a koozie with a theme or color scheme to match your bow’s appearance.

I like to pair my hunting bows with a koozie of a matching camo, and I think safety orange would look good, too. For my 3D setups, I like the way black looks.

You can find koozies with just about any collegiate team or corporate logo, so the possibilities are endless.

Bow Sight CoversThe types of koozies used to fit rifle scopes are varied, but those that seem to work best for bow sights hold beer or soft drink cans. You’ll want one with a little bit of stretch and elasticity so it will grip the sight well.

If your bow sight is large, consider getting a 24 oz. koozie.

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Copyright 2020 by Buckmasters, Ltd