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Extend Hand Warmer Life

Extend Hand Warmer Life

By Randy Olson

Here in Minnesota, I go through a lot of hand warmers in a deer season, as you might imagine.

If you hunt a lot, it can get expensive by the time you use them in your pockets, neck gaiter and boots or underneath your shirt.

Over the years, I have discovered a way to get multiple sits out of my hand warmers. It’s really simple!

Because the ingredients in hand warmers are activated when they encounter oxygen, all you have to do to pause the heating process is deprive them of air.

I have found that putting hand warmers in a sealed ziplock bag does this.

And when I get ready to return to the stand, I simply open the ziplock, shake the hand warmer a little bit and return them to my pockets.

Once air is circulated through the granules, the hand warmer will reactivate and finish out its life.

You’ll find you will get twice as many sessions from your hand warmers, which translates into getting them at half the price!

– Editor’s Note by Tim H. Martin

Here’s one of my favorite hand warmer tips for those frigid days in the stand:

Placing a hand warmer pack inside my neck gaiter (on the back of my neck) gives me a sense of coziness that truly helps reduce the misery factor of a long, cold sit.

The gaiter holds the pack in place, and throughout the hunt, I shrug my shoulders to shift it to the sides of my neck, which feels amazing.

The hand warmer pack warms the blood passing through the jugular vein, which warms the blood supply to the brain and spine. You’ll be sharper and more comfortable with the use of a hand warmer and neck gaiter.

Here’s another tip about using thermal heat wraps to stay warmer in the treestand.

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