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Pre-seasoned Venison Trick

Pre-seasoned Venison Trick

By J. R. Reisinger

I really enjoyed the venison tip and memories in Harley Trumbo’s “A Venison vs. Deer Meat Story.”

The funny stories about how his father field dressed, handled and cooked their venison brought back memories of my own father.

Dad did many of the same things when I was a kid, and our venison always turned out tough and gamey, too!

After growing up with bad venison and later, after being unhappy with my processor’s work, I took matters into my own hands.

My wife and I bought a good vacuum sealer and meat grinder, then set out to process our own venison, as well as other wild game.

It has taken years to perfect the process of having outstanding venison. It starts from the first minutes after the kill and does not end until the plated dish hits the table.

Just when we thought our venison was as good as it could get, my wife came up with another suggestion that changed the way we do it now.

While packaging the meat to a fresh deer, she asked, “Have you ever thought about pre-seasoning before vacuum-sealing it?”

I’d never heard of such a thing, much less tried it. Like most hunters, we usually seasoned our meat just before cooking it.

Pre-seasoned Venison TrickWe decided to experiment with a couple of packages and added our seasonings before vacuum sealing the plastic bag.

When the time came to thaw and eat a pack, we realized the seasonings had infused with the meat, greatly intensifying the flavors. The final results were amazing!

Whether it’s ground venison, deer steaks, roasts, backstraps or tenderloins, we now add things like salt, pepper and garlic powder before vacuum sealing. And, it’s fun to experiment with other more exotic seasonings, such as Creole seasoning, seasoned salts and our own rub mixtures.

The fun does not stop with deer. This pre-seasoning technique works with fish, wild turkey, rabbits, squirrels, ducks, quail . . . anything we bring home from either field or stream.

– Editor’s Note by Tim H. Martin

What a great processing tip from J. R. Reisinger! Now, I want to invest in a vacuum sealer and start processing my own pre-seasoned wild game.

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