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Barbed Wire Fence Tamer!

Barbed Wire Fence Tamer!

By Richard Burt

Snagging your pants on a barbed wire fence is something you will inevitably do if you are a deer hunter, fisherman, or like to chase birds, rabbits or squirrels — pretty much any kind of outdoor activity in the field.

Over the years and on multiple occasions, I have ripped my britches on that wicked top strand more times than I’d like to remember. Often, the barb snags more than clothing, grabbing into my sensitive flesh.

I’ve come up with a simple technique for being prepared whenever I encounter barbed wire fences on my excursions. This trick works flawlessly and is incredibly easy.

I carry a 24-inch length of ¾-inch foam pipe insulation at all times. The foam easily folds or rolls up to store in my backpack, coat pocket or in one of the side pockets of my hunting pants.

The foam weighs essentially nothing, and when I arrive at that dreaded fence, I can simply slide the foam over the top strand of barbed wire and straddle it safely without the barbs snagging my pants or my backside.

This technique works like a charm and after I cross, I simply slip the foam off and stick it back into my pocket until I have to face the next fence.

My trick has saved a lot of holes in my hunting pants as well as prevented a few scars. I hope this idea will work for my fellow Buckmasters friends!

– Editor’s Note by Tim H. Martin

Thank you, Richard Burt! I will be using your barbed wire crossing technique from now on.

In fact, I will be purchasing several lengths of foam insulation and small pool noodles to permanently attach to fences on my hunting/fishing property.

Here’s one more tip: For those places where you and your hunting companions encounter barbed wire fences on a regular basis, place a cinder block on either side of the fence.

These act as steps to help you straddle the fence, and the blocks will last longer than the fence itself.

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