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Scent-soaked Sock Secret

Scent-soaked Sock Secret

By Armand Tetreault

Photo: Armand Tetreault wasn’t afraid to try an unusual tactic. In only four years, it has helped him put 13 deer in the freezer, including this Rhode Island buck.

I am 54 years old and fairly new to the sport of whitetail hunting.

Since my hunting career hasn’t been all that long, many hunters might assume I wouldn’t have much to offer in the way of hunting knowledge.

But due to the great success I have had with one particular tip, I feel compelled to share it with my friends and Buckmasters fans.

In only four short seasons, I have taken 13 deer in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, including several nice bucks. Here’s the kicker: They were all taken ON PUBLIC LAND.

Every hunter knows deer have fantastic senses of hearing, sight and smell, so I came up with a trick that has proven to defeat all three.

Deer are naturally camouflaged very well, and other animals have a hard time seeing them, including other deer. They use their tails to communicate with each other.

A swish and a flick means the coast is clear, so it’s okay to proceed. Here is how I use this to my advantage.

First, I take a small, white sock and spray it well with doe urine. In the rut and pre-rut, I use an estrus doe scent. During archery season, I use a plain doe urine scent.

Then, I take a light fishing line and lower the sock down from my stand to approximately 24 inches above the ground.

From time to time, I twitch the sock slightly. This gets the attention of nearby deer, as well as any buck that might be approaching.

The flicking of white is often enough to convince the old boys that it is safe to proceed my way.

In addition to the visual effect, I like that the doe-scented sock is elevated and any breeze can distribute the odors better than if scent had been poured onto the ground.

If the wind picks up and the sock sways unnaturally, simply lower the sock to the ground and think of it as a scent rag.

I hope this small tip helps my fellow hunters. In only a few short years, it has certainly put a lot of venison in my freezer!

– Photo Courtesy of Armand Tetreault

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