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Stick a Sock in It!

Stick a Sock in It!

By Ronald Miller

Photo: Montana can be a harsh environment for hunters. Ronald Miller — shown here with a nice 10-pointer — used his resourcefulness and a simple clothing item to stay in the woods after his wife stepped into a frozen creek.

Stick a sock in it — your backpack, that is. Or better yet, a pair of socks.

You’d be surprised how many uses an extra pair of socks have when it comes to hunting.

If you step in a creek on the way to your stand and get your foot wet, a dry sock can save you from a long, miserable day. My wife and I discovered this when she was able to continue hunting after stepping into a half-frozen creek on a day when the deer were moving like crazy.

When dragging a deer, use a pair of socks as gloves to keep the odors off your hands.

You can also use socks as makeshift bags to muffle the sound of things rattling around in your pack, like loose ammo, game calls or batteries.

If it starts snowing or raining, socks come in handy for placing over your riflescope and gun barrel as you walk. This comes in handy a lot here in Montana.

I like wool socks best, since they are substantial and work best for absorbing moisture. Make sure to keep them rolled up tight in a Ziploc bag until you need them.

Editor’s Note by Tim H. Martin

Be sure to read next week’s Buckmasters Tip of the Week for a brilliant use of spare socks. This one can be a real game changer, especially when traveling!

— Photo Courtesy of Ronald Miller

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Copyright 2020 by Buckmasters, Ltd